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May 6, 2013 7:00pm EDT
this evening with blakeing news...a short time ago, the senate voted to pass an internet sales tax. john harwood live in washington with the late e. good evening, john. >> good evening, larry, the senate just finished voting after holding the voting opened for senators to arrive in town. 69-27. they passed this bill. right now, there are a lot of online sales taxes that are on the books as owed but are not collected because consumers don't file tell with their tax return. senate bill would force states that have sales taxes to levy those taxes in states where it applies and not have consumers be obligated to file those on their tax return. however, larry, this is not likely to go anywhere because they tell me the appetite for anything that raises taxes on anybody, even though they're owed and not checked is not very great. look for the house to send it to the house judiciary committee. study it to death, not pass it in this congress. >> all right. we'll leave it there. many thanks to john harwood, we present it very much. -- appreciate it very much. >>> let's bring in texas republican se
FOX Business
May 12, 2013 2:30am EDT
of regulatorsnd they're going to be financed by your tax dollar to carry this out. it's a dumb idea. it's a dumb pla and in the interest of everybody saying, oh, these people don't have health, they're entitled to health, they're not entitled to heth. >> what do you do with them? >> they are ep titled to live in a country that entitles them some freedom. >> i get that obama care is a tal mess and will not fix the problem. >> you are supporting it. >> i maam not supporting it. >> if you listen to what i'm saying, i think obama care is not going to work. i'm telling you that i think every single person that lives in this country has the right to some sort of care. you cannot let people die in the streets. we are nauticot calcutta. >> then you're complicit obama's basic premise. what has made america different is we were the first country that said your life belongs to you. you have a right to your own life. by establishing a good or a service as a, quote unquote right, you're enslaving everyone. once again rights have got to get cut off. >> jonathan answer the question. >> button up this segment.
FOX Business
May 5, 2013 9:00pm EDT
reason people move and that since the sparrow asks, find a job. that correlates with low taxes. climate makes up about 5 percent of people's decisions. a small quality of life factor. not the big factor everyone thinks it is. >> and we see that in the data. states without an income tax to doing very well, states like wyoming, states like washington state. all gaining people and then come john: so it's not just the weather. what are the highlights? one of the main things to learn? >> out of all 50 states there are nine men put a price of work is zero. that makes them very competitive compared to a basket of other states that have a high price on work. john: price of work. >> state income tax. >> nine income tax. the big analysis for states like texas and gains of $2 billion last 15 years. those states like them gained 146 billion. the reverse, stays with the highest among personal income-tax rate lost. john: the top states, florida, arizona, texas, north carolina, nev., the biggest losers. texas, really? >> i think what i call the magic formula. and it is taxes on one hand and get labor
FOX Business
May 8, 2013 12:00am EDT
in washington, d.c. rich, what stood out to you? >> we talked taxes. we discussed entitlements. of course that debt ceiling fight, the biggest one of the year. the house plans on passing a bill that would soon allow the treasury department to prioritize debt payments white house minutes before interview the president would veto saying it is up to congress to pass a clean increase in the debt ceiling. we asked the speaker about that white house veto threat. >> you know the president can say this but y know, he is the person who, when he was united states senator voted against increasing the debt limit. this is always become a political football. the federal government has spent more than what it brought in for 55 of the la 60 years. this year we'll have the highest amount of revenue to our government we've ever had in our history and yet still have a trillion dollar budget deficit. we have a long-term spending problem that has to be resolved. and it will be resolved. and so, i don't know what it will take. republicans put our budget out, passed it back in march. democrats passed a budget i
May 6, 2013 12:00pm EDT
of softer the a >>> mr. nagesh what is going on in congress on the sales tax? >> guest: the senate teed legislation that would require online retailers to charge the sales tax for purchases, even for people who buy a out of state. so, essentially an online retailer here in d.c. would have to charge the sales tax for michigan, when someone from michigan bought a product from them online. >> host: is it going to pass? >> guest: it doesn't look like very likely it will pass the senate. we are almost certain of that because it's passed the cloture twice and has about three-quarters of the chambers support. the house is less certain. there is resistance to the house leadership isn't fond of the increases or anything perceived of the tax increase. there are some concerns about the implementation of the bill itself, how difficult it would be for online retailers. but i think it's fair to say that this is something that has momentum. it's going to get a strong look in the house and if it doesn't happen this year it is something we can see in the next year or two. >> host: what is the name of th
FOX News
May 5, 2013 7:00pm PDT
rules and taxes. but it's also good because it creates competition. when one state does something stupid people leave that state and take their talent and money with them. between 1995 and 20104, 43 million people moved from one state to another. which states were the winners and which were the losers? let's have travis brown who tracked the movement in his book "how money walks" and he created a clever way to see who is moving where and why. darcie also runs a bank number two state in terms of money and health. explain this cool new thing you created. >> thanks to the irs we can track everybody's income moved between the states over the last 15 years. we see big losses from states like new york. >> now you have new york my state and i see people are leaving for florida and lots to california even. but they are coming in from michigan at least. >> there's not the kind of in migration you want to see. but for a state like florida you are seeing a massive amount of people and income coming in. $86 billion. >> florida was the number one gainer. >> that's right. >> darcie you run the gold wa
May 6, 2013 5:00pm EDT
different states and 9,600 local jurisdictions. they would find themselves having to pay tax filingings attentionly in all 46 states monthly or quarterly and to be subjected potentially to audits from each of those local counties, each of these local municipalities. you know, i have with me here today a listing of all of the tax rates in these 9,600 different jurors diksz and it is -- jurisdiction and it is truly indecipherable, you can pick any state and see the county and get the different tax rate and in a lot of counties, for example, i just opened this up at random, and -- all right so in colorado which i happened to open it up to, if you look in taylor park, if it happens to come from the 81210 zip code, the tax rate is 4.5% but if it's in the same county but comes from the 8123 zip code the tax rate is 8.25%. now, small businesses, a small mom and pop just getting started on the internet would be required to comply with all of these taxing jurisdictions, to send the taxes to all of these taxing jurisdictions and to be subject potentially to audits from 9,600 taxing jurisdictions.
FOX Business
May 6, 2013 8:00pm EDT
that is stealing a lot of businesses from other states, california among them, because of the lower taxes and fewer regulation, but that something i don't think that the president will be champions later this week. >> i doubt he will, i am glad he is coming to austin, in my district, apple is building a huge facility. neil: i forgot about that. >> yes, that is right, they are hiring hundreds if not thousands of texans for this, reason they came to texas we have a fair, transparent tax policy, a balanced regulatory regime, we have fiscally responsible government, and we also believe in a true all of the above american energy solution, i am glad he is coming to texas, i would hope he would use two ears and listen and not talk as much, i think that country would be better off if he would adopt our way of thinking about jobs instead of this big government issuwashington solution he kepts talking about. neil: critics of what you said, said that texas is anomaly in and of itself because of the oil. like the win at your financial back the. you say what to that? >> well, i would disagree. whole heartly, lo
May 6, 2013 5:00pm PDT
is cracking down. and a major tax bill passes in the senate, pitting republican against republican, democrat against democrat, and grover norquist against big retailers. all that, plus click 3. we begin with new and mounting pressure on the united states to get involved in yet another war on the middle east. a war that just in the last few days has shown signs of erupting further into a true regional conflict. syria has been embroiled in a civil war for two years. what you're seeing are israeli air strikes along the outskirts of the syrian capital. this is the second time in three days on sunday. the syrian government responded with outrage calling the bombings a declaration of war and if that's not a warring enough sign the civil war could be poised to spill over the borders, iran has taken the opportunity to announce it is ready to support the syrian regime with military training. it is something many western officials believe iran has already been doing. but the fact they're now willing to go public is an important sign of the potential for this conflict to continue to spread. in another
May 6, 2013 4:00pm EDT
's tax policy, whether it's regulatory policy, whether it's education, whether it's skills, whether it's housing, you know, you can't fix housing. you need to fix the structural issues of the economy. housing then becomes an innocent bystander of that progress. >> we'll talk about that in a few minutes. chad, you're nodding your head as rick is talking. >> rick is right. >> we had warren dubuffett on earlier this morning. his comment on fed policy, he admits it's a long experiment on the economy. but he agrees that it should have been done to begin with because we would be in much worse shape if they hadn't added all this liquidity here. >> you're right about that. the federal reserve did the right thing by using their balance sheet to offset the deflationary trade that was in process. but what rick is pointing out is a structural issue. for instance, private sector jobs. we're at 114 million today. that's terrific. by the way, 2001, private sector jobs were at 112 million. we've only created 2 million jobs with a population growth of 30 million. so this is the point that rick is makin
May 8, 2013 1:00am EDT
, the fiscal summit hears from members of congress about the u.s. debt and tax policy. in less than two hours the economic discussion continues with former president bill clinton and microsoft's bill gates. our live coverage tomorrow on the c-span network includes south korean president park geun-hye. you can see that on c-span at 10:30 a.m. eastern. on c-span3 the house oversight committee hold hearings on the attack on benghazi, libya that witnessesur americans. are scheduled to include mark thompson, the acting deputy assistant terror -- secretary for counterterrorism. and eric nordstrom, former security officer in libya. >> weapons of war in previous centuries, for now, symbols of sovereign authority. of security and so much of the administration. we will see more of him in a short while. lord chancellor, kenneth clark. the duke of norfolk and the lord great chamberlain. the queen and the duke of edinburgh. >> my lords and members of the house of commons -- i focus on economic growth, justice, and constitutional reform. >> queen elizabeth delivers her government's priorities for the upcom
FOX News
May 6, 2013 11:00pm PDT
of the arias trial and vice-versa. >> i love it. they are on the verge of taxing you yet again, but this time on your on-line shopping. the senate voting tonight on a bill that could add 25 billion tax dollars to your shopping spernses. experience. details when we come back. ♪ >>> finally a shopping segment. attention on-line shoppers. if you like to buy things over the internet, oh ya you do it is will be to get more expensive if the senate gets its way. in a few minutes the senate will vote on the quote market fairness act allowing stores to collect taxes for on-line purchases. currently they can only make -- make companies selling on-line to you. if they are physically located in the state, the bill is expected to pass the senate. it is the opposition in the house. >> so everybody likes this topic today. we are all shoppers, big shoppers here, right? >> i just want to po nie t out don't worry it doesn't apply to services. >> we are getting off on the wrong foot. >> i am not sure. >> i am not sure. i think they are opening the doors and taking any purchases whether it is goods and/or ser
May 6, 2013 5:30pm PDT
of them, though, while they were in office. let the buyer beware: the days of tax-free online purchases may be ending. pat caused a stretch limo filled with partiers to burst into flames? and a utility is hit with a e fiive fine after an explosion incinerated a neighborhood. that's when the "cbs evening news" continues. ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ >> pelley: a story that broke in >> pelley: a story that broke in california over the weekend was a horrifying that it made headlines all over t
May 7, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. >> and are the days of tax-free shopping, sales tax-free on the internet numbers. we have both sides of the debate that's in congress, all of that tonight on "nightly business report" for tuesday, may 7th. good evening, everyone. another historic close on wall street today. stocks sprinted from the open and really never looked back like one of those horses in the derby. >> exactly. what a day it was and it was historic, tyler, on wall street. the dow closed about 15,000 for the first time ever and the s&p 500 also set a new closing high. so these milestones are another chapter in a remarkable year for the major stock averages. powering stocks higher today, a batch of better than expected earnings reports. more stimulus from central banks and this time from australia and renewed confidence by investors that the u.s. economy is going to be okay. the u.s. rally came in reaction to strong stock performance in world markets this morning and we'll have more on that in just a moment. first, here's a look at the closing digits on wall street and closing at a record 15,056. the nasdaq added three and the s
May 8, 2013 9:00am EDT
. the ryan republican budget would lower taxes for the rich, while the middle class foots the bill. that's in their budget. and the republican budget would rip the safety net from under the elderly, middle class, veterans and the poor. no wonder they don't want to go to conference. no wonder they don't want transparency. the democrat budget would preserve and protect medicare for children and grandchildren. the democratic budget would ask the wealthiest americans to pay a little bit more to help reduce the budget. the democratic budget would balance smart spending cuts with new revenue from closing loopholes. it's obvious then why republicans don't want to compare the sensible republican budget with the extreme house budget. you know, mr. president, the extreme house republican budget was resoundingly rejected by the voters in november. that's what governor romney touted. remember, congressman ryan was his vice presidential candidate. they ran together. now it's time for each side to stand for what it believes. as the junior senator from texas said late last year -- quote -- "we've got t
FOX Business
May 9, 2013 7:00pm EDT
agenda of higher taxes, more and tougher regulation and, of course, much bigger government. but taxes turns out to be one of the most prosperous states and the union by doing just about the exact opposite of everything the president has been, well, recommending. currently it boasts an unemployment rate over one point below the national average, some of the lowest taxes in the country. here is the president earlier today urging his texas crowd to hopeless their local lawmakers to jump on the obama agenda bandwagon. >> everyone's a while i'm going to need your help to lean on their elected representatives and say, hey, let's do something about this. even if you don't like it politically, if it is a good idea, let's go ahead and support it. sometimes i need is a chance to pressure their members of congress to do the right thing. lou: did you see that crowd getting so excited? welcome back on capitol hill one of those texas lawmakers being upon the president and the so-called gang of eight on the issue of immigration reform. senator ted crews of texas becoming a force in the republican pa
May 11, 2013 5:00am PDT
not cut spending and raised taxes as it has since 2011. in prior recoveries the government has added 1.7 million public sector jobs according to a new study. in this current recession and recovery public sector employment has decreased by more than 500,000 jobs. this current recovery look anything like the previous recovery, the austerity crowd didn't make massive cuts we might have as many as 2.2 million more people working. the elite consensus on austerity is showing it has no effect on top republicans in washington as john boehner indicated just after that "time" story appeared this week. >> what the president doesn't seem to understand is that it's his policies that are under mining economic growth. the economy is struggling. we've had four wears of slow, anemic economic growth and job growth and frankly it's unacceptable. >> i want to bring in jared bernstein. heather mcgee. josh barrow. and lauri montgomery. josh, i guess the striking thing to me about what boehner said is you have this story in the "new york times" saying wall street investor class is saying austerity isn't work
May 13, 2013 1:00pm PDT
mateo, a new taxing authority to fund opportunities, authorizes sales tax to be voted upon within that mpo region. we are recommending a watch and we'll know better how it looks like it's going to go. this bill has bounced from natural resources to rules committee to local government. so it's been a bouncing bauchl -- ball. it's on a matrix and we'll be watching it and if it comes back stronger at a later day. we recommending deletion ab 680 had been a spot measure and amended recently to apply a state route which has no applicability to san francisco bay area for your policy so we are recommending taking it off the matrix. a recent amended measure is being recommend today add ab 738 on page 7 of the matrix. it tends to provide a liability shield for employees of agencies that are developing bike plans. it sounds like a much needed simplification. we need to take a look at the bill at more depth to see how it fares in its first committee and finally as a watch position we are recommending the addition of sb 792 by senator son ya. this provides a new region natural plan by the joi
FOX Business
May 6, 2013 9:20am EDT
an internet tax, but so what? won't the house shred it? a democrat will join us on that subject in a moment and warren buffett sits down with liz claman in omaha, that and the opening bell, wall street, next. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade. voted "best investment services company." a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communicatis solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. >> so, you're in the stock market, you own a couple of stocks and were you watching on frid
FOX Business
May 10, 2013 11:00am EDT
are investing in technology & finance. welcome to the state where cutting taxes for business... is our business. welcome to the new buffalo. welcome to the new buffalo. welcome to the new buffalo. new york state is throwing out the old rule book to give your business a new edge, the edge you can only get in new york state. to grow oustart your business, visit ♪ connell: we are going to do this. dagen: you have to explain this. that is the home i want. connell: a $35 million place, apparently. dagen: fictional values on fictional properties. connell: why not. dagen: adam shapiro is across the hudson river in weehawken, new jersey. >> good afternoon. there is a building boom going on with condominiums. several condominium developments now up and running. people are buying these. five years from now, they will have another 800. to give you an idea of what is happening with the prices, not just in new jersey, but around the country, some of the best markets are reno, nevada, santa barbara, california, south carolina, condo prices up 39%, rhode island, 28%, of course, nevada, condo pr
FOX Business
May 6, 2013 4:00pm EDT
of omaha" think these markets are headed next? david: jobs, immigration and taxes and fiscal reform what has ceo's worried most? we go inside the minds of america's corporate leaders with the ceo of deloitte who advises more than 70%. fortune 500 companies. he sees a lot of these guys. he knows certain patterns the way they're thinking. speaking of warren buffett, take a listen to what he has to say about the job ben bernanke has done. >> there is no question that berkshire hathaway is better off today and the american people are better off today because of the actions of ben bernanke in keeping interest rates so low. david: but what do you think about that? do you awith warren? are we better off today because of ben bernanke's actions. log on to faceboo we'll read some of your answers a little later this hour. ♪ [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on hisortfo
May 5, 2013 8:00pm EDT
, and if mistakes are made, and, clearly, we made a huge mistake when the taxes were double the size that we intended. people forget that, but it was true, but once it got put into law, and people began to take partisan positions, and republicans took everlasting credit for it, the deficit widened, and it became almost impossible to reassemble a coalition to undo the damage that had been done or the harm that might have occurred, and we did, you know, have several tax increases to close some of the gaps, but what i learned is when mistakes are made in this big macedonian government we have with the divided powers and checks and balances, it is very dangerous. aat is why the lesson is so propos today, because we have a massive keynesian state, as i call it, dedicated to stimulating and boosting and propping the economy. as a result of that, we have a $1 trillion deficit, both sides are dug in, everybody knows this cannot last. it is dangerous rolling down the road, and yet, the system has a serious inability to make compromises, to find packages that you can assemble a governing majority, so
FOX News
May 6, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to have you. '. >> hey, neil harwell does that include whatever tax revenue you get from illegals once the make their way to becoming legal? >> yes, it does. the difference between what they take out of the system and what they put into it is 6.3 trillion. so, there is certainly some taxes paids' some new revenue when they become legalized but they actually take more out of the system opposite they become legal, and over a 50-year period, this is something they're not talking about. they're trying to talk about a ten-year window, but the average unlawful immigrant is 34 years old, the actual actuaries say they'll live to 84, a 50-year period. the cost is 6.3 trillion, and the current american taxpayers have to pay for that. >> neil: of course, many of the critics of the study, said, well, republicansing for get to dynamic accounting, something they wanted when it came to calculating the benefits of tax cuts cuts and he the like, but they're not when it comes to whatever illegals, who eventually find a pathway to citizenship, bring to the economy, in terms of taxes they pay and what the
FOX Business
May 10, 2013 11:00pm EDT
to push for a simplified tax code. but in the quest for tax reform, they have essentially taken away is push for spending cuts. would he make of that? >> well, i think it is the old cart and horse velocit obviously since it was put together in 1984. that is the correct answer on taxes. but remember what milton friedman thomas. e real level of taxation is the level of spending. the real problem with this nation is burden with, we have a government that is too big and too wasteful. we have a government that spends $11 million to create one green job in an area of the economy that is nowhere near mature to contribute to the overall well-being of the economy. we have to correct this. the republicans can't understand , the requirement is to be on the spending side, and no amount of tax simplification can compensate. >> when i hear the administration bragging about the revenue coming in and saying that it justifies tax hikes and republicans then sort of give up the fight on spending cuts,for whatever meritorious reasons. >> minimizing is what it is. let's take something that is laudable, a
FOX Business
May 7, 2013 12:00am EDT
sales tax about to start. the retail industry takes sides. we got the financial impact on you and your most beloved online products. plus, there's business savvy and there's business genus. one manhattan company cleans up with the most simple and brilliant idea you can think of. it's so obvious. piles of "money" coming up that could have been mine! ♪ ♪ melissa: no matter what time it is, "money" as always on the move. shares of nautilus are jumping after hours. the fitness equipment company reported solid first quarter earnings after the bell. led by a strong improvement in its profit margins. very good. you can see, the stock really jumping. all right. if you thought tax-free online shopping would last forever, thinkgain. the senate is starting a vote eminently on the controversial measure to make everyone everywhere pay sales tax on everything. we love tax. it is causing a big divide in the retail world, but do you know how this is going to hit your wallet? joining me now is and a brandy, president of brumbies share, a brick and mortar store. tell me how this will impact your bus
FOX News
May 6, 2013 2:00pm PDT
starting in an unlikely if not weird location this week. a state known for low taxes and few regulations. not exactly the president's platform. why is he there tonight? >>> hello, everyone. i'm dana perina and bob becle and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new new york city. this is "the five." >> we are two days away from a major hearing on capitol hill on the administration's attack on benghazi. names of the three whistle-blowers scheduled to testify have been released. they are state department official eric in nordstrom, gregory hicks. he took a frantic call from stevens when terrorists stormed the consulate. he reported an attack from the get go to folks back at home and not a demonstration. friday we told you about the weekly standard reporting on how the administration changed the talking points in the days after the attack and the sunday shows. it is not just republicans critical of obama's team for that. here is steven lynch on "fox news sunday." >> it was scrubbed. it was inaccurate. you are right. there is no excuse for that. there was false information. >> so maybe i w
May 11, 2013 12:30pm PDT
will receive nearly $3 in benefits for every 1 dollar in taxes paid under the provision. >> heritage's price tag was immediately blasted by republican senator rubio who attacked the legitimacy of the study. >> the study is based over 50 years and estimates the number of people counted in the system and includes the 4 million kids living here now and a quarter of the cost are for traffic and police and firefighters and public services already provided and another quarter of the cost, if they're not reformed won't exist in ten years much less 50. i think the study is deeply flawed. >> why is the senator so -- by the heritage study? >> because his entire career has been on the bill, john. it's going to appeal to a tremendous number of conservatives and make them go harder against the bill than they are right now and i think marco's problem is he's got himself on the side of amnesty and you have others like senator cruise of texas taking the other side. there's going to be a war inside the republican party. this bill will probably pass the senate. when it gets over to the house, i think it's goi
May 7, 2013 6:30am PDT
,000. this is -- we check credit. we need a business plan. then we look at the three-year tax return and that statement. we do a lot of home care and mom-and-pop shops. we also do start ups. we asked for approval through documents. we work a lot with people who do not know how to file taxes properly. we are mainly focused in san francisco. we are small. we focus mainly on the tenderloin, chinatown, bayview, visitation. we do a lot of expansion. people start small through the credit union and then want to go to the bank. we know we are limited. we cannot afford to give out a big loan. starting from the credit union, we educate them about filing taxes properly and then moving on to the bank, a small one, expansion, and we work with the bank. the bank and credit union are similar. we do allow tax returns, projections. credit unions do not charge an additional loan or processing fee. processing time, on a small loan, -- consumer loans probably a few days. because we require a business plan, sometimes it takes longer. business plans take a while. especially bank statements. we need to see
FOX Business
May 6, 2013 1:00pm EDT
to where we have been over the past few years, this is essentially a tax break for consumers. melissa: is anything that can come along and turn it around in your opinion? could it spike higher? >> why and why not bearish? people ought to realize we have more crude oil in the united states today more than any other time other than 1981 in the post world war ii era. for oil will flow into an already collected u.s. refinery center. the only caveat is the headlines we just showed you, if you get any sort of escalation and israel and syria not oil producers, but certainly people that support syria produce a lot of oil and israel consume a lot of oil so if you get any kind, it is going to have to be a real disruption. none of the rhetoric because it was just headlined last night, prices spiked and quickly pulled back. you need to see an actual disruption to the flow of oil. melissa: great, thank you so much. lori: youtube could soon become you pay. as they launch a new channels of troops in service according to the financial times, the push to premiums has been in the pipeline for months ac
May 7, 2013 3:00am PDT
. there is news out of washington, d.c., the senate passing the internet sales tax bill yesterday by a whopping 69-27. we'll talk about that here at the top of the hour. news out of south carolina. everybody geared up now. this is it. this is the day of the special election. will mark sanford make a comeback or will elizabeth colbert busch stop him in his tracks? news out of syria where john kerry actually is on his way to russia to talk to vladimir putin and see if he can't get putin to agree to stop sending syria weapons and the syria regime weapons. and join us in helping the rebels finally finally push al-assad out of power. whatever is happens -- that and a lot more. we've got it covered. we'll bring you up to date and take your calls at 1-866-55-press. your comments at bpshow on twitter. and on facebook at the entire team here back together today. peter ogborn decided to come back. >> i'm here. despite the shot that cyprian has a shot of an empty chair up. >> bill: we've had the empty chair for the last two days. four-day weekend some of us enjoy around here. dan
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May 13, 2013 5:00pm EDT
, and the director of the office that decides who is tax exempt and who is not, that person got a briefing at some point in june of 2011 so they were aware of that at that point a few years ago, and so how far up the chain that goes is something we are still waiting to see. we'll get the full irs report from the treasury inspector general in the next couple days, and then there's the hearing with basically the guy who leads the office doing that report and the head of the irs friday. melissa: jeff, the question, of course, is why they targeted who they targeted, but, also, you know, the targeting seems to be a result of collecting more money to feed the spending machine. the step up in investigations, the treasury department says is going to yield between a billion and a billion-five extra in tax collections per ewe. is a lot of this about money? >> well, it might be about the money, but it's also probably about influence. if you take the most extreme negative interpretation, if you try to make it hard for certain types of organizations with particular political views to organize themselves as the
May 7, 2013 8:00pm EDT
members of congress and the administration about u.s. debt and tax policy. congressional race in south carolina today, the first district in south carolina for the house seat vacated by tim scott who was appointed to the u.s. former governor is mark sanford a south carolina the republican candidate and the democratic candidate elisabeth colbert busch, sister to stephen colbert. we will keep you posted with results as they become available. >> the herald is leading the way, again, weapons of war in previous centuries. now symbols of sovereign authority. security and administrations in the house of the lord. the baron asset george young -- baroness and george young. the duke of norfolk and the queen and duke of edinborough. >> members of the house of commons, my government pose a legislative program will focus on economic growth, justice, and constitutional reform. >> queen elizabeth the liver's her government's priorities during the state opening of british parliament. the bbc.mulcast with saying that sexual assault as one of the most serious challenges facing the military, def
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May 8, 2013 1:00pm EDT
to mention the internet sales tax issue. what is your stance on that? is it an equal playing field or a money grabbing job killer? >> probably leaning more towards the latter than the former. i think we have began to hear that it is quite a complex issue. the states are all trying to get the even playing field. congress, we are always trying to get that level playing field. it is just something that you cannot achieve, i think. ashley: very good. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thanks a lot. lori: after the bell, disney reported blockbuster shares. the theme park division drive disney's profit up 32% from last year thanks to higher spending and attendance. americans are still trying to cut back on their debt. consumer credit increased at its slowest pace in eight months in march. nearly $8 billion. that was below the estimate, so keep that in mind. credit card debt fell by more than 2%. the first the client this year. all options for oil and gas leases have been postponed. the auctions which covered more than 3000 acres are now scheduled to take place on littl
May 6, 2013 7:00pm PDT
truly cater to patients in need. >> i think it is a wonderful opportunity for the city to make tax money and different things to increase the city's -- and knowledgeable location for the club. >> it is a win and a lost industry. i am hoping it will all bring to life, cities need to understand that there are good business people and good operators trying to run a business. >> worst case scenario we'll have city banning clubs throughout the state making it impossible for anybody to get the medicine. >> but , it is clear that we can if we choose just provide enough marijuana disris to the -- >> it may takes some time before the gray area is cleared up in san jose for example, the mayor says it can take several months before the city comes up with its final plan. in san jose robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco is going head to head with monster drinks. the city sued monster to force the company to reduce its caffeine level in its drinks. that includes monster's sponsor ship of preteen athletes. only the fda has over sight over its product. >>> 19-year-old rebel, a friend of
May 10, 2013 6:00am EDT
, this senate has under our constitution. to abuse it and turn it into a tax vote on judiciary and about executive branch. today in this room it's an attack on the executive branch. say we're going to use advice and consent to underline the other coequal branch, the executive branch of the united states government. just a few days ago, we had a situation where we couldn't get a vote on a judge for the d.c. circuit. then it was an attack on the judicial branch, and it wasn't just isolated incidents. a coordinated strategy, playing out at the committee level and on the floor, to undermine the bipartisan or nonpartisan nature of the judiciary, and to damage and delay the president because he happens to come from a different party than the members who are missing in this room today. i am deeply, deeply disturbed by this strategy of abstraction. i have here, i borrowed the chairs binder clip full of questions, hundreds of pages of questions, asked and answered. i must say answered incredibly articulately and seriously, thoughtfully. and these are available. the public can certainly take a loo
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